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The Easy Way to Get Fridge Cleaning in Chester

Every make or model of appliance cleaned. All work fully insured. This is fridge cleaning in Chester that gets the job done right every time...

Rodney's Cleaners provide you with one simple service which includes everything needed to revitalise and sanitise even an old or un-loved appliance!

Calling us on 020 3404 5551 lets you speak to a friendly and helpful professional about the service you need to arrange. You'll find someone who's here and ready to help you 24 hours a day, every day of the week. Alternatively, why not type to us using our chat facility or request a quote using our booking form? Both are likewise available 24/7.

What Your Fridge Cleaners in Chester Will Do For You

  • Highly effective type of cleaning - perfect for any fridge or freezer you might have in your home or your place of business
  • Get expert staff who arrive with the modern sanitising equipment and powerful products that you can't buy from a regular shop
  • Fully insured services means you can put your feet up and relax while professionals get to work
  • Be available for contact 24 hours a day, every day - make sure can speak to someone whenever you want to
  • Arrive whenever you need them - we offer the work of highly skilled fridge cleaners in Chester seven days a week!
  • Save you money when you get full kitchen cleaning, or specialist tile cleaning for your walls or floors, at the same time

Your Fridge Cleaning Services - Step-by-Step

Here's how your fridge cleaning services will happen, by the numbers:

  1. Your appliance will be assessed, so that any special recommendations as to treatment can be implemented
  2. The expert who's been assigned to you will take apart the trays, boxes, and shelves inside your fridge
  3. Each component will be cleaned individually so that no corners are missed
  4. Your freezer will be put back together and tested
  5. You'll be able to confirm that you're completely happy before you send your team on their way!

Because this service is delivered by trained experts, it's ideal for any make or model of appliance.

An Expert Team Armed With the Best Equipment

A thorough training and vetting process supports the work of all of the experts we send to your door. No matter what kid of fridge or freezer you have, whether it's in your own kitchen at home, or your busy commercial premises, your team will have the tools and the experience to cleanse it quickly and efficiently.